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Nearly 8 million people are rearrested on an annual basis.

To reduce recidivism and increase public safety, we must speak solutions to power.

The Blueprent

A vertically integrated, social framework authored to Stop Recidivism and Increase Public Safety. Valuing black life doesn’t just mean spending less on police — it means investing more in communities of color. We believe that starts with recidivism.



Reentry focused organizations partner with BLUEPRENT to improve technological performance and deliver better client experiences across voice, cloud, web and mobile verticals


Mobile Centers of Excellence

Organizations that partner with the BLUERENT to establish a shared facility that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for reentry and focused areas of recidivism.


Skill Verification

Reentry organizations partner with BLUEPRENT to verify compliance or credential to confirm skills and experience and training certifications through AI technology.

Together We Can Stop Recividism!

Our singular focus is to build communities where “we the people” truly means all of us. BLUEPRENT partners are reimagining the vision of recidivism in America — one that shatters social stigmas, embraces equality and coexists with the forgotten family, “The Justice Involved”

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The Blueprent is free for the Justice-Involved. However some programs, technology stacks maybe have onboarding costs.
Yes, The Blueprent works amazing as a standlone system, however it was engineered to compliment any application.
Yes. Blueprent solutions are available nationwide.
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When we partner together, more is possible. What started out as a slogan has turned into a lifestyle for the Justice Involved.

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