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Reentry & Recidivism Solutions

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Discover the Most Advanced Reentry & Recidivism Engagement Platform


Develop the essential personal and professional workplace skills necessary for reentering the workforce. All programs meet the US Department of Labor standards.


Explore a labor marketplace filled with short-term contracts and freelance work. Blueprent connects gig workers with temporary jobs across a range of industries.

Do Business

Edge to edge business accelerator optimized to take inmates through an accelerated entrepreneurial process. From basic business planning to partnership procurement.

Let's Work Together

Our core service is developing technology that connects the Justice Involved community to Banking, Education, Communications and Workforce solutions.

For Individuals

Inmates to Entrepreneurs

Our Business accelerator opens the door to entrepreneurship. Come home ready to work, ready to do business.

For Organizations

Accelerate Social responsibility

Pay it forward by contributing to programs designed to reduce criminal recidivism and addressing social reintegration challenges.

For Government

Promote Public Safety

Invest into outcome centric solutions designed to promote public safety and reduce the effects that high imprisonment rates have on local communities.

For Facilities

Create a High Impact Prison Culture

Discover high-impact training solutions designed to improve and change Prison cultures. Onsite site engagement and empowerment for staff and inmates.

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By providing the Justice-involved with access to Business, Finance, and Career Readiness opportunities prior to release, they will feel more equipped and empowered to handle the pressures of re-acclimating to society.

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